Work in a Warehouse

Despite of the credit crunch affecting most industries during the past decade, work in a warehouse is still widely available and the industry as a whole seems to constantly expand creating more workplaces and increasing job security. Whether you’re looking for a first warehouse job or seek to utilize your extensive experience in the field, there most certainly is an interesting work for you there.

Due to the nature of the business, most warehouses operate on a three shift basis – morning, late and night to ensure the work continuity and spreading of the jobs evenly from Monday to Friday. Most of the places will hold 8 hour shifts with one to three brakes. Well paid overtime is often available and warehouse operatives may find their wages doubled by working a few hours extra during weekdays and an occasional weekend.

Before starting work in a warehouse every staff member is subjected to induction where training officer explains Health & Safety regulations as well as requirements regarding safety gear. It’s a dangerous environment and while accidents do not happen often, without the knowledge of the safety routines employees would be endangering themselves as well as other team members.

During the work in warehouse you will constantly be operating close to stationary heavy machinery and mobile equipment such as forklift trucks. It’s essential to know how to behave in order to avoid putting yourself and other people around you at risk. Keep in mind that while in warehouse, sometimes it’s only a bit common sense which can help you reduce the risk of serious injury.

If your recruitment agency or human resource officer did not mention the date of Health and Safety session, ask about it and insist on receiving training before commencing the work.

Most of people employed in various other market sectors will posses transferable skills which can be easily applied to warehouse work. It’s important to highlight those on your application form as some could even substitute for actual industrial experience.

Even person working in the much different hospitality would be able to highlight the ability to work well in team, understand the importance of deadlines and handle the pressure well at busy times. Warehouse work is very distinctive, but don’t be put off because lack of similar work experience.

Both working in large and small warehouses offer different perks and should be considered through the prism of your personal needs. Smaller establishments will offer more laid back work environment and possibly higher job security. On the other hand, large companies running their warehouses usually have higher training funds and present employees with greater career opportunities.

The majority of workforce in the warehouse environment is employed on full-time, permanent basis. There is however high demand for temporary workers, especially during busy periods of the year. The work-intense periods differ significantly for each company, which is great news for temp workers who seek employment all year round.

Depending on how fast do you need to start employment, warehouse work may be applied for directly through the job advert posted by a company, or through recruitment agencies specializing in this market sector. The agencies are easily the fastest and most efficient route, since one application has you considered for a number of positions currently operated by the recruiter.