Best warehouse jobs for women

Have you ever wondered why is there so little ladies roaming the alleys of warehouses in comparison to men? The answer is very simple: there are very few females willing to endure the hard physical labour warehouse jobs often require. The work can be very hard and dirty so not exactly the perfect conditions for most women. That’s not to say that women are by any means less mentally capable of performing these jobs – it’s the labour which poses the biggest problems for most females. The gender equality is one thing, but having a typical girl unload a few 30 ton containers a day is plain wrong and against health and safety regulations. There are however some jobs women can perform without any problems – if you’re a woman looking to enter the warehouse environment, read on to discover what your options are.

Order pickers. Even though the job can be stressful at times, women are very welcome to apply for order picker positions. For the most part the job is about collecting products from shelving around the warehouse and delivering it to a loading area where it gets packet and sent off to another destination. It requires a good eye to details and dynamic personality. Some heavy lifting may be involved depending on the business type of your employer. This job offers valuable experience for those ladies who wish to build their careers in the industrial sector and is a good starting point to apply for additional training such as operating forklift trucks.

Forklift truck operators. Another job well suited for women who are looking to enter the industrial sector and browse for good jobs. Forklift truck operators are earning good money and have a variety of opportunities for promotion at their disposal. Not only are there various additional specialized machinery courses available for those willing to participate, but holding a forklift truck licence makes it much easier to land a good management job in the industry. The upfront cost of a forklift training provided by a third party may be a bit of a setback at first, but should be treated as an investment in a future job and career. No heavy lifting is involved in this job on a daily basis but from time to time you may be required to build up a pallet with various, sometimes heavy,  products.

Dispatch. A very comfortable position which has more to do with paperwork rather than actual manual labour. Signing off deliveries and checking picked orders is what this work comprises of on a daily basis. While there may be some additional duties every now and then it generally is considered a very good job to be in.