What’s so good about warehouse work

Have you thought about starting your career in the industrial segment of the job market but are unsure where to start and what different jobs are there available? You definitely should check various positions available in warehouses scattered across most urban areas. Working in a warehouse environment has many advantages but there are two main reasons why this industry may be better than others.

Firstly, warehouse work is easy to get into. Every major city has large firms with distribution centres to dispatch good to nearby (and far) towns so the market is always ready for some fresh workforce. There are literally hundreds of recruitment agencies specializing in this sector and the entry criteria are relatively low.

In order to pass the interview you need to be literate and posses basic numeracy skills. You also need to know at least basic English to communicate with supervisors and co-workers.

All you need to do is give the recruitment agency a ring and enquire about any open warehouse positions. They’ll tell you whether you need to apply in person or send CV / Resume through e-mail.

An easy career for the right people. Once you start working in a warehouse you’ll notice that people come and go every singe day. There is large group of employees that simply treat it as temporary occupation while switching between other jobs, some others can’t get used to the dynamic work and the distinctive warehouse culture.

If you’re not afraid to work and can put extra effort where it matters you’re basically bound to get promoted, especially when working for one of the major companies. Any useful skills you may already have will work to your advantage and increase the job security and prospects for the future but as been mentioned before, there are no specific recruitment criteria.

So, is that it? Certainly not, jobs associated with warehouses offer many more benefits often unavailable in other places.

Room for growth. There is always a lot of training available. The reason for this is simple: companies prefer to train employees because it works out less expensive for them in the long run. It’s a win-win situation because those industrial training courses usually cost a small fortune and you get them for free. Once you get a hold of some more advances certifications in operating specialized machinery, such as reach trucks, you become a valued specialist and are paid accordingly.

Usually with the more expensive courses (which your employer pays for) you commit to stay with the company for at least 6 months. This way your sponsors know that they will receive a return on their investment. Should you, however, decide to leave the company within that period regardless – your certificate will be withheld with an option to buy it out. It all works to your advantage though. Even if you’re not totally happy with your employer those 6 month of experience in new position will grant you an upper hand when looking for next job.

To conclude this guide, there are massive positives in warehouse work, but you need to figure it out on your own if it’s your cup of tea. Should you have found yourself on crossroads and wonder what to do now – give it try, you just might like it.